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Greenlink Environmental Consultants is an environmental firm established in 2013 and registered under the Companies Act of Kenya, Cap 486 and with National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) as a firm of experts in June 2013.

The idea to start a consultancy firm was conceived in 2011 by the founder members during their final year of study at Egerton University, Njoro owing to the myriad environmental issues encountered while in school and also during their time in the field. The actual groundwork was however done and finalized in 2013 giving the then young graduates a chance to be self-employed and deliver cost effective environmental solutions for environmental sustenance.

We are a dynamic firm of environmental consultants offering services in the areas of Environmental Impact Assessment, Strategic Environmental Assessment, Environmental Auditing and Monitoring, Ai??Occupational Health and Safety , to mention but a few. We also provide advisory services to corporates on a wide range of environmental related issues.


These reflect what is truly important to us as an environmental firm. They are not values that change from time to time, situation to situation but rather underpin our company culture. Greenlink Environmental Consultants is founded on the following core values:


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